Take Your Dog To Work Day: Wet Dogs and Everyday Examples

Attention STEM Faculty: Friday, June 24, is Take Your Dog to Work Day. As you consider giving Barney a bath before bringing him into the office, notice what a great example you have here of overcoming surface tension with centripetal force! Check out ENGAGE’s Everyday Example in Engineering lesson plan called the Wet Dog Shake. It’s one of many familiar, relatable examples that makes it easy for students to learn, better understand, and retain engineering concepts. 

Now is the time to look at key concepts you’ll teach this fall and come up with everyday examples to illustrate them. Research shows that they’re very effective with students and they’re a Win-Win: There’s evidence that using E3s improves teaching evaluations!

ENGAGE Engineering has many lesson plans already prepared, so take a look and incorporate one of more of them into your teaching this fall.