Retain Engineering Students with Faculty-Student Interaction 

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Quick Tips Instructors Can Use to Improve Interaction in Their Classes

Have more time? Try holding a Connections Class with Cookies!

The feeling of intimidation many students experience around faculty members can stop them from asking for help both during and after classroom hours. Something as simple as cookies in the classroom can start the conversation between faculty and students.

Learn more about Connections Classes (Cookies in the Classroom) and download the Connections Class toolkit so you can do this with your students!

Quick Tips Students Can Use to Make Meetings with Instructors More Productive and Less Stressful

Sometimes students have trouble interacting with instructors. Share these useful tips with students to make it easier for them approach you.

Send these tips to your students when reminding them of your office hours to help boost their confidence before you meet.

Resources to Help Groups of Students Better Communicate with Their Instructors

“Talk To Me” materials were designed to be used by Women in Engineering Program Directors and Student Affairs administrators—with 1st-year and 2nd-year women engineering students—to increase student-faculty interaction.  

Each of these components was deliberately designed to be used “as is” or, to be customized. You can adapt the design and/or contents, to be relevant to students on your own campus. Feel free to add your own examples, modify graphics, change content, delete sections you feel won’t resonate with your students, etc.  While conveying this material, interactivity with students is encouraged.

Additional Resources You Can Share

Below are additional share-able resources you can use to encourage other instructors at your institution to improve Faculty-Student Interaction in their classrooms.

Download:  Taking Action Handouts: Productive and Time Effective Spoken Communication and Productive and Time Effective Written Communication and pass out printed copies or email links.

Host a faculty development session before the start of the new semester to screen these videos with your department. Email the videos as a follow-up so other faculty can watch them again or pass them on.