Sports are a good source for everyday examples

We’ve had a great sports-filled summer with Wimbledon, the Tour de France, and the 2016 Olympics. Watching these events provides great inspiration to exercise and develop our own skills, as well as great entertainment. But have you ever noticed how sports also make for great Everyday Examples in Engineering?

ENGAGE’s Everyday Examples lesson plans, or E3s, are developed on research that says students best learn engineering and related STEM concepts when they’re taught with familiar, relatable examples.

ENGAGE has many E3s that incorporate sports examples. Take a look at these ready-to-implement lesson plans and incorporate one or more into your teaching this term:

You might even come up with an E3 of your own that incorporates one of your favorite sports. Give that some thought!

Use of E3s helps your students learn and evidence shows it also improves teaching evaluations, as well. It’s definitely a win-win! Now is the time to plan for the upcoming semester, so take advantage of these resources and everyone wins.