An Everyday Example a Day

An Everyday Example a Day Keeps Students Engaged in Engineering

Demonstrate engineering concepts using familiar and relatable examples to increase engagement and persistence among your students!

What are Everyday Examples in Engineering (E³s)?

E³s demonstrate engineering concepts based on objects and ideas familiar to students, like exploding soda cans, musical instruments, or bicycles. E³s are more engaging to students than typical examples such as I-beams and boiler pipes.  Familiarity provides students with a level of comfort and some basic intuitive understanding.

Why use E³s with your students?

E³s generate interest and enthusiasm, which contributes to:

  • Increased student persistence
  • Better retention of learned information
  • Increased student engagement, especially in large classes

E³s are effective among all groups of students and students rate faculty more favorably in their evaluations when E³s are used.

Resources for your classroom

Check out our free library of E³s across 13 subjects. Pick one. Try it out in your classroom. Ask your students what they think about it. And repeat.


Tools for increasing student retention through:

Everyday Examples in Engineering
Faculty-Student Interaction
Spatial Visualization Skills

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