Spatial Skills Testimonials

What do students and faculty think about the spatial skills training?

During the last academic year, we piloted a new course, ENG 180, to provide students with spatial visualization exercise and development. Nearly all students who provided feedback substantially improved their spatial visualization scores and strongly felt that it helped them achieve better grades in their Fundamentals of Engineering courses. The feedback from students in this course was overwhelmingly positive, so we have decided to begin regularly offering this 1-credit pass/fail course every Autumn, meeting for just one hour once per week.
— Ohio State University
We administered the test [PSVT:R] during summer orientation to all incoming freshmen and transfer students, which gave us the opportunity to discuss visualization with both students and their parents.
— University of South Carolina

The Spatial Visualization class helped so much. I was never introduced to spatial visualization exercises before and as an aspiring engineer knew that I had to be familiar with this material. Most exercises were thought provoking and helped my visualization tenfold. I loved this class!
— Student, University of Louisville
We are very excited about the results and will be piloting two additional groups in the spring. Students falling below the threshold will be offered a spot in a semester-long, credit bearing seminar. The plan is that all incoming engineering students will be required to test prior to enrollment starting in fall.
— University of Texas at Austin
I definitely believe that the sessions improved my spatial visualization skills. After attending the sessions, I got a 97%. I enjoyed doing most of the exercises. The easy ones ensured your understanding and the more difficult ones challenged you to apply the concepts that you just learned. For this class being on a Friday, I think it’s saying something that is was the class I most looked forward to going to.
— Student, University of Louisville
When I was just starting this course, I did not have much confidence in my ability to manipulate objects mentally, but I am now much more confident in my ability to do so. I have improved by using the building blocks to build objects and then rotate them physically, but I have largely improved from practicing building objects using the spatial skills software.
— Student, University of Maryland