Retain Engineering Students with Everyday Examples in Engineering (E³s)

Download and use E³s lesson plans others have createdor get inspired and create your own

Subject-Area E³s Collections

The subject-area E³s links below feature links to lesson plans and solutions; engineering ideas that can be used to illustrate engineering concepts; and demonstrations—including directions for building and using them.

Send these lesson plans to your colleagues for their use. Tell fellow faculty members which examples worked best for you and your students.

Got stage fright? Watch video demonstrations of E³s

This section includes video demonstrations for Everyday Examples in selected course areas.

Do you know other faculty members who'd like help preparing these E³s demonstrations? Share these videos to lend a hand!

Create Your Own Everyday Examples

Interested in creating your own Everyday Examples? 
Click here to read more about E³s and to download the E³s toolkit. 


You can also read through the resources below to get started:

To figure out which examples will be most relevant to your students, read:

Share "Create Your Own" resources and inspire fellow faculty members to make their own examples. 

Read these papers and presentations on E³s to learn more about why you should use them in your classroom

Additional Resources to Share

Below are additional share-able resources you can use to encourage other instructors at your institution to use E³s in their classrooms.

Set up a screening of these videos at your next department meeting to show faculty members and administrators at your school why E³s work! 

Adding Relevance and Interest to Engineering Classrooms using Everyday Examples

Everyday Examples in Engineering as a Teaching Strategy