One-Minute Messages Help Students Engage

A new semester has begun! For first- and second-year engineering students, getting off to a good start includes making an early connection with you!

In just one minute you can foster deeper student engagement that will carry throughout the semester. Click the link below to learn how.

A One-Minute Message Engages All Students

ENGAGE provides easy-to-implement, impactful one-minute openers for your classes that can:

  • Help students establish a personal connection with you, which increases your approachability
  • Illustrate what engineers do, encouraging student interest and bridging the gap between academic requirements and real-world engineering
  • Assist students in envisioning their personal future in engineering

ENGAGE has developed a collection of Faculty-Student Interaction (FSI) strategies that make it easy for faculty to improve student engagement. Click the link below to view the collection.

Faculty-Student Interaction Resources

  • Simple, time-effective actions with a big impact on student engagement, performance, and persistence in engineering
  • Increase faculty approachability
  • Encourage students to participate more fully
  • Make it easy to connect with students on a personal level
  • Utilize limited faculty time effectively and efficiently

Take advantage of ENGAGE's Faculty-Student Interaction strategies to strengthen student engagement this semester! They can make a big difference for your students and improve your course evaluations at the same time.