Lady Liberty in the Engineering Classroom

Have a Happy Independence Day on July 4th! The iconic Statue of Liberty is a
powerful symbol recognized by people all over the world. Lady Liberty is
familiar, easy to relate to, and she’s… blue-green. A perfect subject for an
Everyday Example in Engineering!

Research indicates that students more easily learn engineering concepts when
they incorporate examples that are familiar and relatable. One of ENGAGE
Engineering’s most popular lesson plans, Why is the Statue of Liberty Blue-
, explains the concept of oxidation.

As you celebrate the Fourth of July next week, notice the everyday examples
all around you that you can incorporate into your teaching this fall. ENGAGE also
has an extensive collection of ready-to-implement lesson plans for you. Take a
look at them now while you have the time, and build one or more into your
course syllabi for the fall. Your students will benefit and there’s evidence that
teaching evaluations do, too!