Serve Up Everyday Examples with Morning Coffee

Teach concepts of thermodynamics with the fuel of choice for academic environments! Everyday Examples in Engineering make it easy, engaging, and fun.

Coffee and Thermodynamics

Evidence shows that familiar, relatable examples help students more effectively learn and retain science and engineering concepts.

Brew some coffee in your class to wake up your students with engaging lesson plans on thermodynamics.

Systems, Properties, and Substances

  • Demonstrate First Law concepts with a filter coffee maker, flask of water, and ground coffee with this everyday example


  • Demonstrate Second Law concepts by adding refrigerated milk to an insulated cup of coffee with this everyday example

ENGAGE offers a wide array of Everyday Examples in Engineering you can use in your teaching this semester.

Thermodynamics is only one of 13 subject areas for which we have easy-to-implement lesson plans.

Your students will benefit and so will you. Evidence suggests that your course evaluations will perk up, as well.