Celebrate ENGAGE's Birthday with an Everyday Example

ENGAGE Engineering started 9 years ago today. Celebrate by adding this Everyday Example in Engineering to your next lesson on thermodynamics!

Cupcakes, Candles, and Thermodynamics

Everyday Examples in Engineering lesson plans (E³s) are built around familiar, relatable examples of science and engineering concepts. Evidence shows that these help students more readily understand and better retain the concepts they need to learn.

Pick any birthday - perhaps yours, your university's founder, or a famous pioneer in engineering - to engage your students in a lesson plan on thermodynamics.

Using a cupcake and candle, you can add this easy-to-implement Everyday Example in Engineering to your next lesson plan to teach the thermodynamics concepts of combustion and reaction mixtures.

Demonstrate Combustion and Reaction Mixtures with a Cupcake and Birthday Candle

  • Only a few simple props are required
  • Students engage by participating in a contest (with a cupcake as the prize!)
  • Two other familiar examples are included for student problem-solving later

More E³s on Thermodynamics

ENGAGE features 15 more lesson plans for teaching concepts of thermodynamics:

  • Cycles
  • First Law Concepts
  • Heat Transfer
  • Second Law Concepts
  • Thermodynamic Applications
  • Thermodynamic Properties

Familiar examples in these lesson plans range from balloons to bicycles tires and engines to egg cartons.

Incorporate E³s Into Your Teaching

Not teaching thermodynamics? ENGAGE has E³s lesson plans across 13 subject areas, from calculus to circuits and solid mechanics to statics, for you to use in your classroom.

Your students will benefit and so will you. Evidence indicates that teaching evaluations improve with you of familiar, relatable examples!