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  • ARP Spatial Skills: A Focus on Gender and Engineering,  Applying Research to Practice (ARP) resources are a collaborative project of the SWE AWE Project, NAE CASEE, and experts in the field. ARP resources include Abstracts (Brief introductions to the concepts along with lists of recommended readings), Information Sheets (Practical user guides to help practitioners apply research in engineering outreach and classrooms) and Research Overviews (More in-depth overview of related research for program and activity development, proposals, reports and to build your knowledge base).

Professional Development Webinars & Presentations

Webinar/Presentation Title Date Link to Presentation Link to Recording
Improving Faculty Student Interaction: Research-based, time-effective tips to engage students Oct 2013 PPT  Webinar Recording
ENGAGE's Everyday Engineering Examples: Adding Relevance and Interest to Engineering Classrooms Jan 29, 2013 PPT Webinar Recording
Two Time-Effective Strategies to Improve Undergraduate Retention in Engineering Oct. 26, 2012 PPT Webinar Recording
Talk to Me and ENGAGE: Improving Faculty-Student Interaction from Both Sides of the Lecturn, WEPAN 2012 Annual Conference June 26, 2012 PPT  
Implementing ENGAGE Strategies to Improve Retention: Focus on Spatial Skills, ASEE 2012 Annual Conference June 11, 2012 PPT  
Using Research Based Strategies to Retain Engineering Students, AAAS 2012 Annual Conference February 17, 2012 PPT  
Engaging Students in Engineering - Using Everyday Engineering Examples in the Classroom, co-sponsored by ASEE Sep 14, 2011 PPT Webinar Recording
Improving Spatial Visualization Skills Jan 27, 2011 PPT Webinar Recording
Improving Faculty-Student Interactions Nov 18, 2010 PPT Webinar Recording
Enhancing Student Retention through Research-Based Strategies Feb 24, 2010 PPT  

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