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Everyday Examples in Engineering - Thermodynamics
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Thermodynamics: Lesson Plans for E3s

Thermodynamics Lesson Plans 1-11 are published in Real Life Examples in Thermodynamics.

 Contact Ruani Ribe for complimentary copies


Concept Topic

1.  2nd Law Concepts: Entropy

Balloons, Bicycle Tires, Turbine, Milky Coffee
2.  1st Law Concepts: 1st Law of Thermodynamics Chips, Classroom Air-Conditioning, Photosynthesis, iPod
3.  2nd Law Concepts: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Large Fan (Air Circulator), Cup of Tea, Geothermal Heat Engine
4.  1st Law Concepts: Systems, Properties & Pure Substances Coffee Maker, Exploding Soup
5.  2nd law Concepts: Exergy Frothy Drinks, Air Cars, 'Destructive' Walls, Personal Performance
6.  Power Cycles: Vapor Power Cycles Water Pistol, Kettle, Geothermal Power Plant
7.  Power Cycles: Gas Power Cycles Spark Ignition Engine, Diesel Engine, Gas Turbine
8.  Thermodynamic Applications: Refrigeration & Heat Pumps Personal Refrigerator, Champagne Cooler, Dorm Room Air-Conditioning & Heating
9.  Thermodynamic Applications: Non-reacting Mixtures Landfill Gas, Gas Transportation, Desalination
10. Thermodynamic Applications: Psychronic Applications Sweating Drink Cans, Misted Glasses, Morning Dew, Windshield Misting, Cooling Towers

11. Thermodynamics of Chemical Transformation:Reacting Mixtures & Combustion

Birthday Candles, Cooking Pasta, Engine Heat Losses
12. Systems of Particles:Steady Stream of Particles Desk Fan, Hairdryer, Wind Turbine**
13. Heat Transfer Cooking with Microwaves
14. Heat Transfer Sous Vide Cooking
15. Reynolds Transport Theorem, Lagrangian vs. Eulerian viewpoints Liquid Motion Toys
16. Specific Heat Capacity, Degrees of Freedom Egg Cartons


Thermodynamics: Ideas for New E3s

Concept Topic
Gas Compression Balloons*
Heat Transfer Baking A Potato
Thermal Boundary Layer Frozen Food Thawing*
Equations of State How a Fire Extinguisher Works*
Conservation of Energy Energy Skate Park
Pharmacokinetics (Chemical) Cobra Problem: Pharmacokinetics of Snake Bites
Thermal Energy Microwaves


*Source: Ilene Busch-Vishniac, Tom Kibler, Patricia B. Campbell, Eann Patterson, Darrell Guillaume, Jeffrey Jarosz, Constantine Chassapis, Ashley Emery, Glenn Ellis. Horace Whitworth, Susan Metz, Suzanne Brainard & Pradosh Ray

**Source: Real Life Examples in Dynamics.  Contact Alison Dana for complimentary copies


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