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Everyday Examples in Engineering - Engineering Design
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Engineering Design: Lesson Plans for E3s

Everyday Examples in Engineering: Set of 7 lesson Plans for Engineering Design

Concept Title
Creating Suitable Criteria for Option Evaluation Apples and Oranges
Design Principles Organizing Brainstorming Results
Design Principles Street Crossing Problem
Design Principles Cellular telephone system design
Dimensioning Ken doll
Methods of Superposition: Eccentric Loading Basketball Goal**
Pattern Development Food boxes
Curve Principles Spaghetti


Engineering Design:  Ideas for New E3s

 Concept  Topic
Extrusion Silly Putty/ Play Dough, Cookie Press*
Design Principles Pop Can Stay-On Tab
Design Principles Coffee Maker
Design Principles Quartz Watch


*Source:  Ilene Busch-Vishniac, Tom Kibler, Patricia B. Campbell, Eann Patterson, Darrell Guillaume, Jeffrey Jarosz, Constantine Chassapis, Ashley Emery, Glenn Ellis. Horace Whitworth, Susan Metz, Suzanne Brainard & Pradosh Ray


**Source: Real Life Examples in Dynamics. Contact Ruani Ribe for complimentary copies


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