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Faculty-Student Interaction - Research
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Topical research related to Faculty-Student Interactions

Can Colleges Manufacture Motivation? Dan Berrett.  The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 15, 2012 
"Motivation is often thought to be a fixed, inborn personality trait whose presence or absence helps explain why some students succeed while others fail to graduate...

Motivation, these researchers argue, is far more malleable, and colleges wield significant power in instilling—and discouraging—it in their students."

Making the Grade with Students: The Case for Accessibility.  Ken Gall, Daniel W. Knight, Lawrence E. Carlson, Jacquelyn F. Sullivan.  Journal of Engineering Education.  October 2003, pg. 337-343.

"A key rating that appears strongly linked with the overall instructor and course rating is the “accessibility of the instructor.” The instructor accessibility factor outweighs others often cited by conventional wisdom, such as perceived course workload or expected grade in the course."

Why so Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  Catherine HIll, Christianne Corbett, Andresse St. Rose. AAUW, 2010.

"...presents in-depth yet accessible profiles of eight key research findings that point to environmental and social barriers – including stereotypes, gender bias and the climate of science and engineering departments in colleges and universities – that continue to block women’s participation and progress in science, technology, engineering, and math." 

The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010  Tamar Lewin. Excerpt from New York Times article, January 26, 2011.

“Women's sense of emotional well-being was more closely tied to how they felt the faculty treated them,” she said. “It wasn't so much the level of contact as whether they felt they were being taken seriously by the professor. If not, it was more detrimental to women than to men.”

Teaching For Retention in Science, Engineering, and Math Disciplines: A Guide For Faculty   Marie Kendall Brown, Chad Hershock, Cynthia Finelli, Chris O'Neal, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, The University of Michigan, 2009.

"...describe specific classroom strategies and teaching behaviors that have been demonstrated to improve student success in STEM." 

 ENGAGE Publications and Presentations

"There is a clear link between faculty engagement or mentoring, student satisfaction and degree completion."

Improving Faculty Student Interaction: Research-based, time-effective tips to engage students

  • Talk to Me and ENGAGE:  Improving Faculty-Student Interaction from Both Sides of the Diploma PPT

Two Efforts—Same Goal, Parallel Approach


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