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Faculty-Student Interaction - Connections Class Toolkit
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Connections Classes are designed to enhance faculty-student interaction in 1st and 2nd year engineering courses.

Faculty spend 20 minutes during one class period sharing information about themselves, their research, their interests, how they decided to become a professor, and/or any other information they feel comfortable sharing with the class. Students can ask questions and the dialogue is intended to be informal and open. 

At the University of Texas at Austin where the Connections Class concept was developed, cookies were delivered to the classroom at the start of the class and shared prior to the start of the interaction time to create a more social, engaging and fun atmosphere.


Connections Class Toolkit

Overview and Timeline

Schedule for preparation, implementation and follow up for a Connections Class as well as Frequently Asked Questions about Connections Classes

Invitation to Faculty

Sample invitation to faculty to host a Connections Class

Follow up Emails to Faculty and Students

Sample emails to faculty reminding them about their upcoming Connections Class as well as follow up emails thanking them for their participation

Faculty Survey

Online assessment tool to obtain faculty impressions of their experience hosting a Connections Class.

Student Survey

Online assessment to obtain student feedback on the Connections Class.