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Spatial Visualization Skills Teaching Resources
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Purdue Spatial Visualization Test: Rotations  (PSVT:R)

Host the PSVT:R on your Learning Management System (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard)


Developing Spatial Thinking 

ISBN-10: 1111139067, ISBN-13: 9781111139063, 240 Pages Paperback, 2011

  • Software and workbook are designed to be complementary, yet each item can also be used separately, providing maximum flexibility for the learner.


Snap Cubes 



These 3/4" cubes are ideal for learning and modeling number concepts, exploring the squares and cubes of a number, and solving three-dimensional spatial reasoning tasks. There are multiple sources you can use to purchase snap cubes.  The following is a link to one source.


Companion Lecture Notes and Quizzes


Powerpoint presentation for each classroom session.

Pretest Introduction

  1. Surfaces and Solids of Revolution

  2. Combining Solid Objects

  3. Isometric Drawing & Coded Plans

  4. Orthographic Drawings

  5. Inclined and Curved Surfaces

  6. Flat Patterns

  7. Rotation of Objects About a Single Axis

  8. Rotation of Objects About Two or More Axes

  9. Object Reflections and Symmetry

  10. Cutting Planes and Cross Sections


Sample Quizzes:  These quizzes do not correspond directly to the modules but provide examples for quizzes that faculty may develop


Benefits to Students: Talking Points


Benefits to Students: Talking Points

  • Sample communication for schools to use when discussing spatial skills testing and training with students and/or parents.